Dong Yi Chinese Plastic Machinery Manufacturing CO.,LTD is a company specialized in manufacturing plastic machinery. Our main products are production line of recovered plastic and recycled plastic, production line of pipes plastic, screws and other accessories.

   Ho Chi Minh City Dong Yi International Trading CO.,LTD is the branch of Dong Yi Chinese Plastic Machinery Manufacturing CO.,LTD, specialized in selling Plastic production line and others accessories, installation and maintainance. Through half a year of preparation, Ho Chi Minh City Dong Yi International Trade CO.,LTD formally established on 13 May 07, 2016.

    With the principle of operation "Walk together with the employees, customers and the development of society to be successful", Ho Chi Minh City Dong Yi International Trade CO.,LTD always researches and develops high technology of products, provides high quality of service terms and builds a trusted brand in customer's mind.


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