Conical Twin-Screw Extruder Gear Box
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       Gearbox for Conical Twin-Screw Rod Extruder is a special driving unit matched with twin-screw rod extruder. it consists of two parts namely the reduction box and the distribution box. After reducing speed and increasing torque of the motor, it outputs th motive power to the distribution box then drives the double output shafis (the included angle is the same with that of twin-screw roos) via a pair of smail conical spiral gears. With driving ratio of 1:1, thus to drive screw rods to rotate outward with different direction


  • There are involute cylindrical gears in the gearbox, which data and structure are optimally designed by the cmputer
  • The gear are made of top-quality high strength low carbon alloy steel after carbon penetrating, quench and teeth grinding. it has hig hardness on teeth surface, large bearing ability, small noise, smooth operation and high driving efficiency
  • The material of the distribution box is nodular graphite casting iron and the gears having high-strength ground teeth, in which snake-shaped cooling water pipes are distributed
  • The maximum input speed of the gear box is normally not larger than 1500rpm
  • The temperature in work environment is from -10 to -45 degree Celsius. When temperature is lower than 0 degree, the lubricant oil should be preheated 10 10 degree before starting


Sizes 45 50 55 65 80 92

Input Speed



Output Speed


44.9 37.5 38 38.9 39.2 40.2

Input Power


18.5 22 30 37 55 110

Unaxial output torque


1972 2779 3820 4518 6786 13130

Disribution of shaft Angle


20 40' 00" 20 58' 12" 20 36' 14" 20 11' 16" 20 00' 18" 10 52' 3.64"


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