DY65 Plastic Pelletzing Production line
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      Dong Yi International Trading Company is available in providing DY65 plastic pelletzing production lines, which is specilized in pelletzing PE plastic films and resins with the output of 80-100 kg/h. Our company has 4 production line models including DY65/33, DY85/33, DY100/33 and DY130/33 which are suitable for 4 screw diameters 65mm, 85mm, 100mm and 130mm respectively.

     The production lines is designed convenietntly, concluding all required parts of plastic pelletzing machine

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Production diagram

        1. Main motor

        2. Compactor

        3. Single screw extruder and Hydraulic sceen changer

        4. Water-ring pelletzing system

        5. Chute

        6. Centrifugal dewatering

        7. Wind tranmission system

        8. Storage silo

        9. Gear box

        10. Belt Conveyor


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