PVC Pipes Production Line
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PVC pipe production line specialized in manufacturing many different diameters of plastic pipes.

                                            SPECIFICATIONS OF PARTS

Name of parts Specifications

Spiral feeder ZD 1000

( 1 set )

Weight: 200kg
Motor power: 2.2kw
Feeding height: Customizable       
Material: Stainless steel
Feeding diameter: 108mm
Motor power: 1.1kw

Mixer Unit SRL-Z200/500A

( 1 set )

Model: SRL500/1000A
Volume: 500L-1000L
Effective volume: 375L-640L
Motor power: 44/55KW          15KW
Heating way: Electric heating and friction
Heating power: 12KW
Cooling way: Water cooling
Blades number: 3
Unloading way: Manual/pneumatic
Mixed time: 6-10 min/pot or 8-10 min/pot
Unit length: 3780mm
Unit height: 2250mm
Voltage: AC380 V 50Hz
Unit width: 1870mm
Unit weight: 3.5 tons

Twin-screw extruder SJSZ65/132

( 1 set )

Screw diameter: 65/132 m 
Screw length: 1430 mm
Motor power : 37 KW
Screw and barrel material: 38CrMoAlA
Capacity: 180-250kg/h
Heating power: 24KW
Heating: Casting Aluminum Heater
Cooling system: 1/2HP Blower cooling
Temperature cooling zone:  4 zones
Feeding motor power: 1.1KW
Vacuum power: 2.2KW
Low voltage apparatus: SIEMENS 
Gear box: Hard tooth face
Gear box type: Horizontal type
Gear box factory: Changzhou
Voltage: 380V 50HZ
Screw and barrel: Zhoushan Screw
Electrical system: ABB frequency converter
Temperature control meter: Omron
Weight: 3.2 tons


( 1 set )

Mould size: 140-250mm
Mould material: Thép 45Cr
Porous plate material: 40 Cr
Fix pipe diameter material: Stannum bronze

Vacuum calibrating system ZK-250

( 1 set )

Shaping box length: 3000 mm

Material: Stainless Steel
Up-down adjustment height: ±120 mm
Adjust distance around: ±50 mm
Movement distance: ±600 mm
Sizing van: 48-110mm
Height of center: 1000 mm
Contour dimension: 3000×800×1200mm

Three Caterpillars Haul-off Machine QY250

( 1 set )

Caterpillar quantity: 3
Caterpillar width: 90mm
Length: 2200mm
Pipe diameter: 140-250mm
Pressure adjust mode: Pneumatic
Central height: 1000mm
Motor power: 3kW
Speed adjustment mode: frequency converter

Pipe Cutting Device QG-250

( 1 set )

Cutting range: 140-250 mm
Maximum cutting thickness: 40mm
Motor driving way: Planetary cutting
Movement range: 1500mm
Motor power: 2.2 kW
Cutting motor power: 3 kW
Blade motor power: 1.1 kW
Motor controlling way: controlled


( 1 set )

Working mode: pneumatically drive
Working length: 6000mm
Axes height: 1000mm
Material of the splint board: stainless steel


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