YH208 JS-E3 Injection Molding Machine
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  Specification YH208
Injection Unit Screw diameter mm 45 50 55
Screw ratio L/D 23.3 21 19.1
Cylinder head volume cm³ 350 432 522
Injection weight g 318 393 475
Injection rate g/s 174 215 260
Injection pressure Mpa 210 170 140.7
Injection stroke mm 220
Screw speed rpm 180
Sphere diameter of nozzle mm SR15
Clamping Unit Clamping force kN 2080
Max mould opening stroke mm 485
Space between tie bars mm 520 x 520
Min mould size mm 360 x 360
Min mould height mm 200
Max mould height mm 550
Dia of mould location hole mm Ø160H7
Ejector stroke mm 140
Ejector force kN 70
Ejector number PIECE 9
Others Rated pressure of oil pump Mpa 16
Pump motor power kW 18.5
Servo motor power kW 23
Heating capacity of screw cylinder kW 12.3
Heating section   3+1
Oil tank cubage L 300
Machine dimension m 5.63 x 1.45 x 2.22
Machine weight T 7.2



     Injection molding machine can have a molding complex, the size is accurate or plastic with metal insert of the fine and close texture, are widely used in national defense, electrical, automotive, transportation, building materials, packaging, agriculture, education, health and People's dailly life use. Today, with the rapid development of plastic industry, injection molding machine no matter in quantity or variety occupies an important position

     All components of the machine adopt three-dimensional design


1. Accurate mode Locking Unit

  • Mode locking units adopt special software of five-dot mode toggle design, which optimized structure of connecting rod and enhanced sports properties
  • The steel bushing of hinge pin adopts self-lubricating steel bushing (oil lubrication exists simultaneously), which reduced times of lubrication and prevented locking of toggle when short of oil

2. Strengthened template and Tie rod

  • The strengthening design of template is carried out (thicken casting or increase support ribs) through multiple times of optimization design of major components such as template, based on the analysis of finite element software, which both guarantee the lifetime of template and protected mould
  • High rigid template adopts the structure with coexistence of installation screw hole and T-shaped groove (YH model is standard configuration)
  • The tie rod of each machine model has passed the test by professional testing organization, which mean that, the deflection of tie rod is within reasonable scope while guaranteeing the operation of machine

3. Adaptive Injection Unit

  • The optimation design of injection organization enhanced injection rigidity and guaranteed the forced direction of organization movement as well as coaxial force of injection
  • Balanced type bijection moveable oil cylinder structure enabled the force to screw during injection advance to be balanced and realized stable as well as safe injection moulding
  • Personalized design, including nozzle shield and central lubrication; it reduce operation intensity and is convenient for daily maintenance while guaranteeing safety

4. High rigid machine body

  • High-rigid compound die and injection body improved the stability of machine operation
  • Flexible configuration; it is available to increase Multi-pump servo systems according to customer's actual demands
  • Strong rigidity template, stability operation

5. Stable hydraulic system

  • Designed by professional hydraulic personnel, which realized stability, reliability, durability, high efficiency, energy saving and low noise
  • Neat oil, water and electric pipeline layout
  • The reasonable structure is convenient for regulation and daily maintenance

6. Control of proportional value: Adopt world famous brand of proportional value, which accurately control actions of injection, enabled the stable and reliable system operation

7.  Efficient servo motor: Verification of many year's market application, optimal combination configuration, stable, reliable and durable system with the characteristics of high efficiency, energy saving, low noise and strong power

8. Full-automatic lubrication system

  • Batch-type quantitative oil supply and accurate measurement; it can supply oil even within tens of meters
  • Stable operation and convenient maintenance

9. Clear distribution box wiring

  • Reasonable permutation distribution of electrical apparatus elements, all the electric wire interfaces are installed reliably
  • Wire circuit contains prominent number, which is convenient for later maintenance

10. Computer operation interface

  • TFT liquid crystal colorful panel with stereoscopic picture, cull color and refined frame
  • Embedded LINUX system with window style interface
  • Real-time animation display of machine operation

11. Comprehensive advantages of control system

  • Program control adopts multiple CPU and high-end DSP chip, which guaranteed smooth pictures and stable control property during high load processing
  • Bulk-storage memory that can store many groups of technological parameter
  • The application of USB can realize online updating, data export and simple operation

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