Dong Yi Chinese Plastic Machinery Manufacturing CO.,LTD is a company specialized in manufacturing plastic machiery. Our main products are production line of recovered plastic and recycled plastic, other accessories, screws, etc.

  Ho Chi Minh City Dong Yi International Trading CO.,LTD is the branch of Dong Yi Chinese Plastic Machinery Manufacturing CO.,LTD, specialized in selling Plastic production line and others accessories, installation and maintainance. Through half a year of preparation, Ho Chi Minh City Dong Yi International Trade CO.,LTD formally established on 13 May 07, 2016.


1. Officer:

►Quantity: 2 people

►Gender: Female

►Age: 18-40 years old

2. Sales Executive:

Both gender

►Unlimited quantity

Priority is given to university graduates or over 2 years experience staffs.


1,  Candidates need to have solidarity, diligent hard work and dedication and creativity.

2,  Proficient in the 4 skills: Reading, Listening, Speaking and Writting Vietnamese and Chinese.

3,  Proficient in computer, basic computer operation.

4,  Having good appearance (fast, fun, always keep vivacious spirit ....).


1, The trial period is 2 months (probation salary per month is 4.000.000vnd), all probationary period will be based on their capability and attitude to work in jobs that pay increases accordingly.

2, Commissions: after the probationary period, based on the amount of product sold by each individual is 1% to 3%.

3, Regarding the professional knowledge, our company will conduct training for sales staff.

The purpose of our company is cooperation, continuous innovation, welcomes you to join our company, to our company is to succeed in future careers.


Phone: 0866833885 - 0903737958

Address: 66/36 Binh Thanh Street, Binh Hung Hoa B Ward, Binh Tan District,Ho Chi Minh City.    


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