Dong Yi Chinese Plastic Machinery Manufacturing CO.,LTD is a company specialized in manufacturing plastic machiery. Our main products are production line of recovered plastic and recycled plastic, other accessories, screws, etc. Ho Chi Minh City Dong Yi International Trade CO.,LTD is the branch of Dong Yi Chinese Plastic Machinery Manufacturing CO.,LTD, specialized in selling Plastic production line and others accessories, installation and maintainance. Through half a year of preparation, Ho Chi Minh City Dong Yi International Trade CO.,LTD formally established on 13 May 07, 2016.
YH/SP High-speed Thin-wall Lunchbox Dedicated Injection molding machine
Yonghua YH/SP series model adopted the advanced design concept of combining high-speed low-pressure injection with multiple-action operation; it redesigned clamping mechanism structure, control system and oil-way system, and reinforced them; by mean of improving the operation speed of all actions and adopting multi-action compound operation, it shortened the production cycle of thin-wall products, whose formation cycle is shorter with higher production efficiency compared with ordinary model
Introduction of Plastic Basket Series Injection molding machine
Plastic Basket dedicated injection molding machine is the device especially for produing the disposable plastic fruit basket that researched and developed by our company aimed at the characteristic of plastic basket market. It has the advantages of domestic latest technology, novel structure, fast speed, efficience, low noise and energy saving.
The operation principle of extruder
Dong Yi International Trading Company provides details about the process of change after feeding plastic raw material to feeding throat and principles of operation of the extruder parts such as Screw, barrel and screw flights to all forms of transformations in terms of quality and quantity of plastic
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